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2021 Line Officers

Jan.1st 2021

Station 31's 2021 Line Officers

Merry Christmas from Station 31

Dec.25th 2020

Annual Santa Run

Dec.7th 2020

This year, we will once again be holding our Annual Santa Run on Saturday December 19. However, due to the challenges brought by COVID19, Santa will not be dismounting the fire engine for photographs. Listen for the sirens to know when we are nearby, as we do not post a time schedule.

Live Burn Training

Nov.2nd 2020

Station 31 conducted a live burn session at the Emmaus Training Grounds on 2NOV.

Smoke Detector Reminder

Oct.31st 2020

Don't forget!

Extinguisher Training

Oct.28th 2020

Station 31 instructed staff from Legacy Place Assisted Living on fire extinguisher procedures on 27OCT.

Trick or Treat 

Oct.26th 2020

We will be participating in community Trick or Treat this Friday, October 30 from 6:00-8:00 PM, with enhanced safety precautions consistent with COVID-19 mitigation strategies.

Fundamentals Training

Oct.5th 2020

Training on 05OCT focused on fundamental fireground operations such as hoseline advancement, ventilation tactics, search and rescue, and more. The Emmaus Training Grounds was utilized to rehearse these operations.

Breast Cancer Awareness Shields

Oct.1st 2020

We are excited to announce that beginning tomorrow, all personnel will wear pink leather helmet shields throughout the entirety of October to promote breast cancer awareness and show support for those that have beat this disease, as well as those that continue the battle every day.

We Will Never Forget

Sep.11th 2020

Today we remember all of the lives lost on September 11, 2001, most especially the 343 firefighters that perished while selflessly working to save the lives of those in distress. We will never forget..

Community Day Cancelled

Sep.1st 2020

We regret to announce that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have cancelled our annual Community Day that was scheduled for Saturday, September 12 from 11:00 AM-2:00 PM at our station.

New Personal Protective Equipment

Jul.27th 2020

We are proud to announce the beginning of a three-year transition period from Quaker Safety tan gear to Morning Pride black-gold gear. Each year, several sets of structural firefighting gear will now be phased out for this new style.

This project will enable township cohesiveness and uniformity among our company and Station 20 (Eastern Salisbury), as well as provide our volunteers with the latest and safest personal protective equipment.

Vehicle Rescue Technicians 

Jul.22nd 2020

The Western Salisbury Volunteer Fire Company proudly holds our firefighters to specific professional standards, in accordance by those established by the National Fire Protection Association, in regard to vehicle rescue certifications.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is an international nonprofit organization devoted to eliminating death, injury, property and economic loss due to fire, electrical and related hazards.

A person certified at the Vehicle Rescue Technician level will have demonstrated competency in the necessary knowledge and skills, to established scene safety, select appropriate PPE, established fire protection, determine vehicle access and egress points, stabilize and extricate patients and identify vehicle construction features.

Water Supply Training

Jun.22nd 2020

Training tonight involved large area search and rescue within commercial structures, as well as a review of water supply operations.

Law Enforcement Appreciation Week

May 11th 2020

We would like to recognize all of the law enforcement officers nationwide as we begin National Police Week (May 10-16), but most especially the Salisbury Township Police Department. We commend the unwavering efforts and dedication of these men and women that continue to answer emergency calls, despite the unprecedented obstacles they must overcome during the COVID19 pandemic.

Thank You Coca-Cola North America

Apr.30th 2020

We would like to thank Coca-Cola North America and Brad Brinker for the generous donation of 26 cases of Powerade. We sincerely appreciate the continued support and generosity of the community as we unitedly navigate the COVID19 pandemic.

Thank You Dispatchers!

Apr.13th 2020

Thank you to all of those that are working in the Lehigh County 911 Center, especially in the midst of this global pandemic.

Emergency Medical Training

Monday. Jan.27th 2020

Station 31 reviewed emergency medical services supplies and procedures for training on Monday, January 3. As a licensed PA Department of Health Quick Response Service, we have the personnel, training, and equipment to respond and assist EMS with severe medical incidents within our district. Thank you to Macungie Ambulance Corps for enabling this training by providing both a unit and equipment.

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus Emergencies Training

Monday. Jan.20th 2020

Training this week focused on SCBA emergencies and the corresponding potential solutions to mitigate various issues. Crews reviewed basic functions, practiced techniques of survival, and then executed random emergency scenarios within an obstacle course with no lighting.


Annual Christmas Santa Run

Wed. Jan.1st 2020


We are pleased to announce our leadership for 2020.


Annual Christmas Santa Run

Sat. Dec. 21st 2019

We are happy to announce we had yet another successful year of escorting Santa Claus throughout the neighborhoods of Western Salisbury. Thank you to all of those that came out to see us.

Lehigh County Commissioners Recognize Agencies that Responded to Heather Glen Senior Living Fire

Wed. Oct. 23rd 2019

Tonight, the Lehigh County Commissioners honored the 40+ emergency services organizations who responded to the Heather Glen Senior Living facility fire. Western Salisbury Truck 3131 and Engine 3111 responded into Upper Macungie with eight firefighters to assist our brothers and sisters of Upper Macungie that night. Excellent teamwork led to the positive outcome of all residents getting evacuated safely.

Lieutenant Al-Khal Promoted to Lehigh County Special Operations Team Coordinator

Mon. Oct. 21st 2019

Congratulations to our own Jonathan Al-Khal on being promoted to Lehigh County Special Operations Team Coordinator (Chief 4201). Jonathan has been a member of LCSO for 4 years, as well as worked full-time in the EMA office for the past 2 years. He has also worked/volunteered in both fire and EMS for the past 10 years. Jonathan is succeeding (Now Director) John Kalynych as team leader. Please join us in congratulating him!


Trick or Treating: Friday October 25th, 2019, between 6:00 PM & 8:00 PM

Wed. Oct. 15th 2019


Certified Pro-Board Fire Officers

Fri. Oct. 4th 2019


Donation Drive

Sun. Sep. 15th 2019


Annual Community Day

Sat. Sep. 14th 2019

Vehicle Rescue Technicians

Station 31 is proud to have 15 Vehicle Rescue Technicians on our roster of firefighters. These certified technicians specialize in vehicle rescues often resulting from collisions of high-mechanism. Engine 31-12 serves as our primary apparatus for rescues. On board various equipment is carried such as hydraulic tools ("Jaws of Life"), glass cutters, stabilizing struts and cribbing, and much more. This combination of professional preparation and specialized training provides our district with the best response possible.

Scenario Drills with Station 20

Mon. Aug. 19th 2019

For training on Monday August 19th, Station 31 ran joint scenario drills with Station 20 at the Mack South Training Grounds. Crews were dispatched to several mock emergency incidents and had to respond and address the presented situations at live speed using available manpower and equipment. This type of training provides developing officers with the experience of running command as well as offers firefighters the time to use their skills. Additionally during training, Engine 3112 assisted Station 63 with an unconscious fall victim in our first-due.

Dedicated to Excellence: Six Fire Service Instructors Within Station 31

Sun. Aug. 11th 2019

Congratulations to Deputy Chief Xander and Lieutenant Basta on their recent completion of the Fire Instructor I course. Station 31 now has six firefighters that have met numerous qualifications and completed several courses to become certified as instructors. This statistic is specifically unique among the volunteer fire service as many companies are forced to look externally when scheduling courses. These certified individuals enable our company to internally offer various fire-related training sessions throughout the year.

Honoring a Fallen Brother 

Thu. Aug. 15th 2019

This morning around 10:00, Station 31, along with Stations 7, 81, and the AFD Fire Academy Class gathered at Lehigh Valley Health Network Cedar Crest to pay respects to the late Assistant Chief Walter Wagaman of the Buchanan Valley Vol. Fire Co. from Adams County, PA.

Station 31 then hosted crew members from the Buchanan Valley Vol. Fire Co. and the Fayetteville Ambulance Corps at our station while the autopsy was conducted. We then escorted the crews back to the campus and paid farewell respects prior to their departure. Our thoughts and prayers are extended to the family and friends of Asst. Chief Wagaman; May he Rest In Peace.


Firefighter I Program Graduation 

Wed. Jul. 17th 2019

Congratulations to firefighters Hummel, Kerridge, and Sangiovanny on their graduation from the Bucks County Community College Fire Academy. These three members earned their ProBoard Firefighter 1 certification through this six-month program held at Forks Township Fire Department. Strong work.


Emergency Medical Professionals

Fri. Jun 28th 2019

Did you know about the medical expertise of Station 31? We are a certified Quick Response Service by the Pennsylvania State Department of Health. This means that we are mutually dispatched with EMS to all unconscious and cardiac arrest calls. These often result from syncopal episodes, falls, overdoses, diabetic issues, choking, seizures, strokes, and much more. We can also be requested by EMS on any type of medical call on which they need assistance. We proudly serve our community with medical professionalism in addition to our fire services.

Vehicle Rescue Training

Mon. Jun 24th 2019

Station 31 focused on vehicle rescue for training on Monday evening. Crews used a variety of rescue equipment carried on both Engine 31-11 and Engine 31-12. Training also included extricating a mannequin from a mock collision. Thank you to Motors Plus for their annual contribution of vehicles and operating space for our training purposes.

Area Familiarization and Public Relations

Mon. Jun 17th 2019

Stations 20 and 31 visited the Kid’s Peace campus on Broadway this evening for routine familiarization. Crews reviewed significant factors critical to emergency preparedness including layout, population, alarm systems, etc. Residents were then given tours of our apparatus and equipment.

Vehicle Rescue Training

Mon. Jun 24th 2019

Station 31 focused on vehicle rescue for training on Monday evening. Crews used a variety of rescue equipment carried on both Engine 31-11 and Engine 31-12. Training also included extricating a mannequin from a mock collision. Thank you to Motors Plus for their annual contribution of vehicles and operating space for our training purposes.

Rope Rescue Training

Mon. Jun 3rd 2019

Training tonight covered basic rope types and techniques in regard to routine terrain rescue calls. Personnel practiced patient care, packaging, and transport operations, beginning with a refresher and closing with a mock scenario. We proudly have numerous members with specialized training in Ropes I, II, and III.


Thursday, January 7th, 2021
Units from Station 31 responded to a reported gas odor in a commercial structure at 1230 S Cedar Crest Blvd. at 1006 hrs.Crews determined the odor originated from a malfunctioning elevator motor and v...
Saturday, January 2nd, 2021
E3112 taking in a commercial alarm in the 1200 BLK of S Cedar Crest Blvd. at 1530 hrs.
Sunday, December 27th, 2020
C3101/E3112/TK3131 assisted Stations 20 (Eastern Salisbury Fire Dept) and 73 on a carbon monoxide incident with victims in the 1300 BLK of Voortman Ave. at 1413 hrs. on 27DEC.
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