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Wed. Jan 4th 2017
Teamwork, cooperation by fire crews from five counties lauded in three-alarm greenhouse fire

Teamwork and cooperation among fire crews from five counties was credited with stopping a million-dollar fire from being even...

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Fri. Jun 3rd 2016
WSFD Assists with Dwelling Fire in Emmaus Borough

Shortly after 23:00 hours on Jun 3, 2016 Western Salisbury Volunteer Fire Company was dispatched as part of the second alarm ...

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Sun. May 8th 2016
Station 31 Responds to South Mall.

Western Salisbury Volunteer Fire Company, Emmaus Fire Department, Cetronia Fire Department and Eastern Salisbury Fire Departm...

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Ride in an Engine to School


Three of the grade-level winners of the Western Salisbury Elementary School “Inspire Fire Prevention” essay contest were picked up at home in the Western Salisbury Volunteer Fire Department’s aerial ladder truck for a ride to school on Friday morning, May 2. They are, from left, Beatrice Carag, third-grade winner; Ariana Younes, fifth-grade winner; and, Elijah Richetti, second-grade winner. In the doorway is WSVFD Chief Joshua Wells.


Car Into Building

Western Salisbury Fire Department volunteer firefighters, Salisbury Police, and an EMS squad from Cetronia Ambulance were called to a Colorado St. residence shortly before 7 p.m., Sunday, June 4, for a report of a “vehicle into a building.” The elderly female resident of the home inadvertently put her car into reverse gear before opening her garage door, the car took out the garage door as she reversed onto a neighbor’s lawn. Then, engaging the car into drive, the operator inadvertently applied the accelerator causing the vehicle to speed forward and crash through the garage wall next to the demolished garage door. The woman was examined at the scene by medics, but she was determined not to be injured and she was not taken to the hospital. A rescue squad from Eastern Salisbury Fire Department was also dispatched by the Lehigh County 911 Center , but the crew was recalled after WSFD Assistant Chief William Sames at the scene determined that a rescue was not required after the woman was assisted  from the vehicle by neighbors.

31-12's Construction is Underway!


After countless hours of design between our Chief Engineer Dev Kannan, Chief Josh Wells, and our Cheif Officers, 31-12 has begun its journey into creation by Marion Body Works Inc. in Marion, Wisconsin.  The engine will carry a 775 gallon water tank feeding a 1500gpm Waterous pump on a Spartan chassis.  The new fire engine has an estimated delivery of early August and will service the area for approximately the next 20 years.  See the photos here.



Western Salisbury 2017 Fire Officers

 2017 Fire Officers
After a vote by crew members and appointment by fire department trustees, the following volunteers will serve as fire line command officers for the Western Salisbury Volunteer Fire Company for 2017: From left; Joshua Wells, Chief; William Sames, Assistant Chief; Adam Al-Khal and David Xander, Deputy Chiefs; Darrell Singles, Captain and Assistant Chief Engineer; Nicholas Fisher, Lieutenant and EMS Officer; Ramon Deeb, Lieutenant; and, Jerry Royer, Safety Officer. Not present for the photo was Dev Kannan, Chief Engineer.


Fire Prevention Week: Reaching Out to the Children


As they have done for nearly six decades, firefighters from Western Salisbury Volunteer Fire Department took their message of fire prevention and fire safety into schools in the township’s  western district to help township youngsters understand how they can help themselves stay out of harm’s way from the ravages of fire. Chief Joshua Wells and other volunteers visited Lehigh Christian Academy, Western Salisbury Elementary School, St. Thomas More School, the Swain School, Hope Church pre-school, and Lehigh Valley Hospital Day Care classes during their annual Fire Prevention Week activities to help children be fire-safe. Using a live smoke detector as a prop, Wells said every bedroom in a student's home needs to have the protection of a smoke detector.  He gave each student a “homework” assignment to check to see if their bedroom had a smoke detector.  Those who report back to school that they do not have a smoke detector will be provided one by the fire department. Wells cautioned against “playing with matches,” and reviewed how to use the 911 call system to seek help for a fire.
Firefighters showed the students how to “stop-drop-and-roll” if their clothes should catch fire. In each classroom firefighters transitioned from street clothes into full protective gear to demonstrate how they were still friends trying to come to the rescue, even though they might look intimidating in their “scary costumes.”  In their gear, the firefighters circulated on hands and knees among the classrooms, giving “high fives” to reinforce their friendly nature. With the weather cooperating all week, firefighters were able to demonstrate the use of their engines and other firefighting gear, much to  the delight of the youngsters. Firefighters utilized hose lines and deck nozzles to show the tremendous amounts of water that can be directed onto a fire.
Wells climbed up 85 feet on the department’s aerial ladder to demonstrate rope skills as he rappelled upside down from atop the extended aerial ladder.  That demonstration always brings exclamations of delight from the youngsters. Speaking for all the participating volunteers, Wells said, “We look forward to these programs all year. We have as much fun teaching kids to be fire safe as they do in having us visit each October.”

See more photos of Fire Prevention Week by clicking

By Jim Marsh
Quick Fire Stop in Salisbury Township!
Middle Sex Fire
Firefighters from Western Salisbury, Eastern Salisbury and Emmaus were dispatched by the Lehigh County 911 Center about 3 a.m., Thursday, Oct. 6, to a reported dwelling fire at 1436 Middlesex Rd. First on the scene, WSFD Chief Joshua Wells, found a  fire burning in construction debris against the front portion of the home.  Firefighters from Emmaus FD, on the first arriving engine, were able to pull a hose line to quickly knock down the fire,  moments before the arrival of a WSFD engine. The home is under renovation by the occupants, and consisted of aerosol cans of insulating material, with empty propane gas canisters nearby.  Wells said the cause of the fire was undetermined, but was centered in the construction debris, and exploding aerosol cans alerted the occupants to the fire, which scorched the front brick wall and melted a vinyl window shutter. Wells said damage to the home was limited to the exterior by the quick stop by responding firefighters.
By Jim Marsh


Training for Quick Fire Response

Training at Mack South
Firefighters from Western Salisbury Volunteer Fire Department held training exercises at Mack South Fire Academy facilities, along Lehigh Street, Allentown, on Sept 26, and at the Emmaus Fire Department training facility along Kline's Lane, Emmaus, on Oct. 3, to keep firefighter skills sharp to quickly deploy hose lines at a fire scene. Both Salisbury fire departments hold weekly training to protect lives and property in the township.
By Jim Marsh

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