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Sat. Jan 2nd 2016
An Accident to Start the Year

Firefighters from Western Salisbury and Eastern Salisbury fire departments were called shortly after 7 a.m., Saturday, Jan 2....

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Fri. Oct 23rd 2015
Early Morning Truck Fire Keeps Western Salisbury Busy

At approximately 2:30 am, Western Salisbury was dispatched to Interstate 78 along with Eastern Salisbury Station 20, Lower Mi...

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Mon. Oct 5th 2015
Western Salisbury Assists Macungie Borough With Dwelling Fire

Monday evening Western Salisbury FD was toned out to assist Macungie Borough Station 15 with a second alarm dwelling fire.&nb...

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Summing Up 2015!

Happy New Year from your Western Salisbury Family!  This past year in 2015 we set a new record for call totals reaching 410 fire calls.  These 410 calls came from a combination of fires, alarms, medical calls, and accidents.  We would like to thank the dedicated volunteers who selflessly respond to the needs of others in their time of distress and also the families of our members who put up with the countless interrupted meals and late nights of training.  Finally we would like to thank the residents of our township who have supported us and stood behind us while we carried out our duties.  If it were not for the firefighters and the residents of our township we would not be able to excel at our job and be the true Salisbury family that we are. Thank You and have a safe New Year.



 Santa Clause Is Coming to Town!

Santa will be visiting the residents of Western Salisbury in the next two weekends. The Alton Park area will see Santa on Saturday, December 12th starting at 9am with the help of the Alton Park Lions Club. Green Acres, Meadowbrook, Lindberg and surrounding areas will see Santa on Saturday, December 19th from 1-6pm.
Please be careful while driving in the area. When you see a parade of trucks please use caution and be patient. We do not want Santa or his elves to get hurt before their big day! Have a very Safe and Merry Christmas!

 Here Comes the Season!

Fall is here!  As the leaves are changing and the air is becoming colder and colder, the Western Salisbury Volunteer Fire Company would like to remind you of some extra safety tips.  Remember to have your chimney cleaned before using wood stoves, fireplaces, and furnaces.  Carbon monoxide is odorless and often known as a  "silent killer" easily going undetected. In addition to a working smoke detector, make sure you also have a working carbon monoxide detector.  It's also a great time of year to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors!

With Thanksgiving approaching, cooking accidents also tend to increase.  Remember to have a proper lids for all pots and pans being, and NEVER put water on a grease or oil fire.  Cover the pot with the lid if you can do it safely, and if unable to smother pot, move to safety and call 911 immediately. 

The volunteers of Western Salisbury Fire Department would like to wish you all a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

 Western Salisbury FD Volunteers Take Fire Prevention to Schools

Firefighter Nick Fisher demonstrates a fog pattern to children at the Swain School.


The importance of having a smoke alarm in every room of a home was among the messages taken to school students at the four elementary schools located in the Western Salisbury Fire Department’s fire district during annual fire prevention activities held every year in township schools during Fire Prevention Week to mark the anniversary week of the great Chicago Fire in October, 1871.

“I want you all to go home tonight,”’ WSFD Chief  Joshua Wells told the students, “and check to see if there is a smoke detector in your bedroom. If you don’t have one, come back to school tomorrow and tell your teacher, and our fire department will give you one.”

Emphasizing his point, Wells used a smoke detector’s distinctive three “beep, beep, beep” tones that tell a family to evacuate their home.  “When you get out of a home that is filled with smoke, you should stay out, don’t try to go back in. If there is a pet or something else that is important that is still inside, tell a firemen when we arrive and we will try to get it for you if we can.” Wells said.

He told the school’s students that lighters and matches should only be handled by adults, and that it is “all right to ‘tell’ if a younger brother or sister is playing with them.”  The importance e of knowing how to dial “911” only for help was also part of the message, and that knowing to “stop, drop and roll” was important if someone’s clothes should catch fire.

The messages the volunteer firefighters take to Salisbury schools has not changed much in the 50 years that school programs have been in place for elementary school students in the school district. Wells said he believes the programs have helped embed the fire prevention message in township homes, and have helped contribute to the relatively low number of residential fires suffered by area residents.

“As firefighters, we look forward every year to being able to interact with our district’s young people. Lessons taught in students’ formative years seem to really have a positive effect  on efforts to be fire safe,” Wells said.

Weather-permitting, a portion of the program is held outside each year so students at Lehigh Christian Academy, St. Thomas More School, the Swain School, and at Western Salisbury Elementary School, can see firemen demonstrate the use of their equipment.

Always a student-favorite part of the program is Wells’ demonstration of rope–rappelling skills  as he descends, upside-down, from the department’s extended aerial ladder.

By: Jim Marsh


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