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Tue. Mar 8th 2016
Resident's Car Burns

Western Salisbury Fire Department Firefighters Ryan Basta(left), and Ramon Deeb attack a car fire mid-morning on Tuesday, Mar...

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Sat. Feb 20th 2016
WSFD Station 31 Responds to a Vehicle Fire on Interstate 78

Just before 3 PM on  February 20th, Lehigh County Radio dispatched Western Salisbury Fire Department, Station 31, to the...

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Sat. Jan 2nd 2016
An Accident to Start the Year

Firefighters from Western Salisbury and Eastern Salisbury fire departments were called shortly after 7 a.m., Saturday, Jan 2....

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WSFD Responds to Assist ESFD with 3 Alarm Fire
(Left: 30-01 Vehicle and Engine 31-11 on scene. Center: Engine 31-11 relay pumping to supply attack lines. Right: The fully involved structure pre-arrival)

At 9:25 AM on April 25th, Western Salisbury FD Station 31 along with Eastern Salisbury Station 20 and Fountain Hill Station 34 were dispatched to the area of 1784 Elinor St., in Salisbury Township, for a reported dwelling fire. Salisbury Township Police Department units quickly arrived on location updating responding fire units that it was a well-involved dwelling fire. As crews arrived on location, they learned that the occupant had gotten out of the residence with the two family dogs.

WSFD Engines 31-11 and 31-12 both responded to the incident. Engine 31-11 was the third arriving unit on location and began a relay pumping operation to boost the water supply up a steep hill to the scene. WSFD crews assisted in initial fire suppression on location. The building was fully involved upon arrival and crews operated on the exterior of the structure only. Brush 31-61 also responded to assist with fire that was spreading to a heavily wooded area behind the scene. WSFD Firefighters remained on location throughout the incident and assisted in extensive salvage and overhaul operations as well as assisting the Lehigh County Special Operations Team with containing chemical run-off from the fire. Station 31 crews were released just prior to 1 in the afternoon. Photos above are courtesy of WFMZ 69 News and WSFD Members.

Station 31 Responds to Rollover Accident at LVH

Roll Over

Firefighters from Western Salisbury Volunteer Fire Company, Lower Macungie Fire Department and Eastern Salisbury Fire Department were called to the perimeter road around the Lehigh Valley Hospital Cedar Crest campus Saturday morning (April 2) to rescue a driver  in a vehicle that rolled over and trapped the driver in the car.  Rescuers cut out the car’s windshield to allow the motorist to escape. Police said the 57-year-old female Alburtis driver apparently lost control of the vehicle on the rain-soaked road, hit a parking deck wall and rolled over.  The victim was attended by medics from Cetronia Ambulance Corps.

WSFD 2016 Donation Drive


Western Salisbury Volunteer Fire Company firefighters prepare the fire department’s annual donation drive appeal that went into the mail last week to all residents in the  fire department’s fire protection district, seeking support for the department’s all-volunteer operating activities. Fire Chief Joshua Wells said in the accompanying letter that the revenue raised from the community appeal provides funds to operate the company’s two fire stations, purchase and maintain firefighting equipment, and provide training for the department's volunteers. Wells said last year’s contributions came from about 44 percent of the families who are provided fire protection by the department.

Have You Met our New Officers? 


This year Western Salisbury added several new additions to our fire lineup.  We begin on our left with our returning Chief Joshua Wells.  This is his 4th year of service as Chief and 19th year in the fire service.  Next we have our new Assistant Chief William Sames, an Allentown Paramedic and a veteran to the fire service.  Returning for his 39th of service at Western Salisbury we have our Deputy Chief Gerald Royer.  Next, we have Adam Al-Khal, an 11 year veteran to Western Salisbury who has moved up the ranks as a firefighter and officer and currently resides as president of our board and Captain of the crew.  In our lieutenants position was filled this year by David Xander who is a 40 year veteran to the fire service, a retired Captain for Allentown Fire Department, and Paramedic for Cetronia Ambulance Corps.  To the right of him, we have Darrell Singles who serves as our Assistant Chief Engineer to Dev Kannan (not pictured).  Their function is to readily update and maintain the apparatus.  Finally, we have Nicholas Fisher who serves as our Medical Officer for our station and is in charge of maintaining our QRS (Quick Response Service) medical licensure.  These men are responsible for our day to day tasks and maintenance and keep our department running smoothly.  

Summing Up 2015!

Happy New Year from your Western Salisbury Family!  This past year in 2015 we set a new record for call totals reaching 410 fire calls.  These 410 calls came from a combination of fires, alarms, medical calls, and accidents.  We would like to thank the dedicated volunteers who selflessly respond to the needs of others in their time of distress and also the families of our members who put up with the countless interrupted meals and late nights of training.  Finally we would like to thank the residents of our township who have supported us and stood behind us while we carried out our duties.  If it were not for the firefighters and the residents of our township we would not be able to excel at our job and be the true Salisbury family that we are. Thank You and have a safe New Year.




 Western Salisbury FD Volunteers Take Fire Prevention to Schools

Firefighter Nick Fisher demonstrates a fog pattern to children at the Swain School.


The importance of having a smoke alarm in every room of a home was among the messages taken to school students at the four elementary schools located in the Western Salisbury Fire Department’s fire district during annual fire prevention activities held every year in township schools during Fire Prevention Week to mark the anniversary week of the great Chicago Fire in October, 1871.

“I want you all to go home tonight,”’ WSFD Chief  Joshua Wells told the students, “and check to see if there is a smoke detector in your bedroom. If you don’t have one, come back to school tomorrow and tell your teacher, and our fire department will give you one.”

Emphasizing his point, Wells used a smoke detector’s distinctive three “beep, beep, beep” tones that tell a family to evacuate their home.  “When you get out of a home that is filled with smoke, you should stay out, don’t try to go back in. If there is a pet or something else that is important that is still inside, tell a firemen when we arrive and we will try to get it for you if we can.” Wells said.

He told the school’s students that lighters and matches should only be handled by adults, and that it is “all right to ‘tell’ if a younger brother or sister is playing with them.”  The importance e of knowing how to dial “911” only for help was also part of the message, and that knowing to “stop, drop and roll” was important if someone’s clothes should catch fire.

The messages the volunteer firefighters take to Salisbury schools has not changed much in the 50 years that school programs have been in place for elementary school students in the school district. Wells said he believes the programs have helped embed the fire prevention message in township homes, and have helped contribute to the relatively low number of residential fires suffered by area residents.

“As firefighters, we look forward every year to being able to interact with our district’s young people. Lessons taught in students’ formative years seem to really have a positive effect  on efforts to be fire safe,” Wells said.

Weather-permitting, a portion of the program is held outside each year so students at Lehigh Christian Academy, St. Thomas More School, the Swain School, and at Western Salisbury Elementary School, can see firemen demonstrate the use of their equipment.

Always a student-favorite part of the program is Wells’ demonstration of rope–rappelling skills  as he descends, upside-down, from the department’s extended aerial ladder.

By: Jim Marsh


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